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Everything You Need to Teach Children to
Learn to Read

  • 100 Interactive Stories across 25 levels with Read and Listen modes
  • 337 Decodable Words
  • Individual Access in the classroom & at home for your entire class
  • Additional Teaching Materials including
  • Lesson Plans
  • Printable Books
  • Song Sheets
  • Scope & Sequences
  • Word Cards
  • Sight Words
  • Lesson Hooks
  • Student Placement Assessment
  • Progress Monitoring for each student in your class
  • Unit Assessments & Completion Certificates
  • Easy-to-Use ‘Getting Started’ Videos and 24/7 Support

Use as a Standalone Program or Fit into your Schools Curriculm!

Lifetime Access

One-Time Payment
  • Get access to the complete Reading program with hundreds of teaching materials for up to 20 students FOREVER AND EVER.

Monthly Access

Per Month
  • Get access to the complete Reading program with hundreds of teaching materials for up to 20 students every month. Cancel Anytime.

Level 1

FREE No Credit Card Required
  • Get complete access to the first level, which includes 4 interactive stories and all the supplemental material you need to start!

"Backed by our Reading Teacher Guarantee: Students' reading skills improve in 30 days or your MONEY BACK!"

Teachers and Parents Love Reading Teacher

Reading Teacher Provides Homeschool Struggling Readers with the Extra Support They Need

As a homeschool teacher, I know how challenging it can be to support struggling readers, which is why I’m grateful for Reading Teacher. The program’s supplementary reading education has provided my struggling readers with the extra support they need to make progress in their reading skills. The interactive and engaging materials have kept them motivated and focused, while the program’s individual student tracking has allowed me to personalize their learning journey. Thanks to Reading Teacher, my struggling readers have made significant progress, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Reading Teacher is a Homeschool Teacher’s Dream Come True!

Finding the right resources to support my students’ reading skills can be challenging as a homeschool teacher, but Reading Teacher has been a dream come true. The program’s engaging and interactive materials have kept my students motivated and focused, but its comprehensive approach to reading instruction has helped even struggling readers make significant progress. With its individual student tracking and personalized learning approach, Reading Teacher has made it easy for me to support my students’ reading journey and ensure their success.

Confidence-Boosting Support

Reading Teacher is engaging and the fun materials have kept my young readers excited about learning. At the same time, the program’s supportive environment has boosted their self-confidence as they see their reading skills improve. Reading Teacher has provided the personalized support my young readers needed to thrive in their reading journey, and I couldn’t be happier with their progress.”

Reading Teacher Rocks!

I was worried about my child’s reading progress, but Reading Teacher has been a game-changer. The program’s interesting and challenging materials have kept my child engaged and motivated, while the supportive environment has helped them to make significant progress in their reading skills. Thank you Reading Teacher for providing the tools my child needed to succeed!

First time using reading program

I was skeptical about using a digital program to teach reading, but Reading Teacher exceeded my expectations. Personalized learning and progress monitoring are valuable tools for any classroom or homeschool teacher.

They love reading!

Before Reading Teacher, my child struggled with reading and had no interest in picking up a book. Now, they can’t wait to read the next story and have made significant progress in their reading skills.


My child has a short attention span, and it was challenging to keep them engaged during reading lessons. But with Reading Teacher’s interactive stories and resources, they’re excited to learn and making great progress.

Individual student tracking is helpful

Reading Teacher’s individual student tracking and progress monitoring tools have been invaluable in helping me understand my students’ reading abilities and tailor my instruction to their needs.

Remote learning solved

I was worried about my child falling behind in reading during remote learning, but Reading Teacher provided us with the resources we needed to keep them on track and engaged in their learning.

Homeschool overwhelmed no more

I was homeschooling my child, and we were both feeling overwhelmed with the reading curriculum we were using. But since we switched to Reading Teacher, my child is much more engaged and progressing.

Quickly grasped letter sounds

My child had difficulty with letter sounds, making it challenging for them to read. But with Reading Teacher’s phonics approach and interactive stories, they’ve made amazing progress quickly.

ESL Students thrived

English is my second language, and I struggled to teach my child to read in English. Reading Teacher’s phonics-based program made it easy for me to help my child build a strong foundation in reading.

Game-changer for my dyslexic student

Reading Teacher has been a game-changer for my dyslexic student. As a homeschool teacher, I struggled to find a program that was effective in helping my student learn to read. With the phonics-based approach and personalized tracking, Reading Teacher has helped my student build a strong foundation for reading success.

Engaged and Focused

I struggled to keep my students engaged until I discovered Reading Teacher. The interactive stories and differentiated resources keep them excited and focused.

My child’s confidence skyrocketed!

“Reading Teacher has been a game changer for my struggling reader. Within weeks of using the program, my child’s confidence and reading skills skyrocketed!”

1st Grade Teacher

Has everything you need

Everything is planned out and right there for you. It has guided me and held my hand as I tried to help unnatural readers become more fluent and comfortable with the idea of learning how to read.

Easy to use

Decodables are something new for me and my kindergarten students. After a quick and easy online assessment, I was able to put my students in reading groups. The students really enjoy the stories and they build off one another making learning to read seamless and more successful. Thank you Reading Teacher!

Focused readers

Our students who usually struggle with staying focused love the characters in the stories. The individual student access has allowed us to strategically organize activities and meet each child’s unique needs.


What is Included in the Free Trial?

Complete Access to Level 1. 4 Interactive stories and all the resources such as lesson plans, sound and symbol cards, song and writing practices sheets and much more.

What is included in the Monthly Access Reading Teacher Program ?

  • Animated, interactive videos
    100 stories, 4 per level
  • Individual Student Tracking
    Track students' progress
  • Printable books
    120 books to print for each phoneme
  • Teacher Lesson Plans
    Step-by-step plans for each phoneme
  • Sound/Symbol Cards
    More than 100 printable cards
  • Word Cards
    Hundreds of word cards showing words in the program plus other decodable words
  • Letter Cards
    A full set of letter cards in capitals and lower case
  • Writing Practice Sheets
    Sheets for all graphemes, capitals and lower case
  • Song Sheets
    Lyrics of poems and songs to help with phonemic awareness
...and lots more.

How does the program work?

The program uses phonics to help children build a strong foundation for success in Pre-K, Kindergarten and early elementary school.  

Does Reading Teacher align with the science of reading?

Reading Teacher utilizes every tool that the Science of Reading has established to be beneficial in learning step by step, building confidence in young readers and establishing a strong foundation through phonics.

The platform carries over 100 animated and interactive stories, spread over 25 different levels. Each new phenome is highlighted through new words at least five times in the story it first appears in, then continues to appear another five times in the next ten texts. This approach, along with high frequency words, ensures that the reader is thoroughly familiar with the new words as they get reps at them.

Are decodables book right for my students?

Decodable texts break down the “code” of words by concentrating on a large number of phonetically similar words, and groups of words whose “phonemes” (the smallest unit of language, representing a short speech sound) occur most frequently. The readers then become familiar with “graphemes” (syllables or sounds). These words are sounded out repeatedly while reading to help the student develop familiarity and knowledge.

What else do I need to teach my students to Read?

Nothing. Reading Teacher is designed to be a complete resource to help develop the tools and skills to read effectively.

What happens if my class is larger than 20 students?

A:  If you need more please reach out to us we are happy to accommodate. 

If its not right for my students can I cancel?

Yes, we understand our program not perfect for every student.  Memberships can be easily canceled at any time .

Reading Teacher’s online phonics program is a complete tool containing all the resources you need to teach students how to read. As a program that follows the Science of Reading, students build their reading skills through scaffolded levels comprised of resources such as interactive stories, decodable books, sight words, printables, and much more.

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